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About KindyROO

Who Are We ?, an international early childhood education centre with a history of 30 years, is highlyrecommended by many health professionals, including Paediatricians, ChildHealth Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Paediatric Osteopathsand Paediatric Chiropractors. It is the first early childhood education centerbased on the theory of neuro-development.

KindyROO's activity classes are all about fun and learning! Children can climb, swing, tumble,dance and sing their way to a healthy brain and body in readiness for laterschool learning.

In China, there are over 60 centers in cities, suchas, Beijing, Shanghai,Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenyang,Qingdao, Wuhan, Nanjing and so on. We winthe confidence of our parents by our professionalism and excellent service.

At KindyROO we do notadvocate avoiding modern medical advice; rather we help to show you ways inwhich you can still enable your baby to experience those important movement andsensory opportunities necessary for healthy brain and body development.Nowadays, over 200,000 choose KindyROO as a place for their kids' to grow up.Welcome to join us.

Expert Team Introduction

Mrs. Margret Sasse

The Founder and Director of KindyROO

Australian Specialist on Infant Nursing and Education

The pioneer implementer of the natural braindevelopment. She wasdedicated to enhance motordevelopment and thus assist children to earn to their genetic potential, so asto prevent children's later school learning difficulties.

Professor France Glascoe

Patrons of KindyROO

Pediatrics Professor at Vanderbilt University

International Specialist on Pediatrics Development

Jane Williams

Daughter of the Founder

Researcher on Early Childhood Education

Curriculum Designer of KindyROO

Editor of KindyROO's 'First Step' magazine

Roslyn LittleJhon

Qualified teacher in KindyROO since 1989

Child Development Consultant

Senior Teacher Trainer

Marianne Schriever

Leading KindyROO Teacher Trainers/ Consultants

Child Development and Learning Consultant

Professor Sally Goddard

Patrons of KindyROO

International Director of The Institue forNeuro-Physiological Psycology (INPP)

Professionalize on Neuro-developmental factors ineducational difficulties

Membership Service

Private Consultant

Asparentswith a newborn baby, you will come across many changes to your daily life, whilemany problems will need to be solved. Our consultants in KindyROO, who isexperienced in parental knowledge, can help you adapt to the parenting process.

Parents' Salon

Our centre will regularly inviteprofessional early childhood education specialist to give seminars onparenting, through which parents will gain more knowledge on early childhoodeducation. They will share successful parenting experience with parents.

Nurse Station

We will have professional doctors andnurses to conduct physical examinations on our babies regularly. Nutritionistwill provide scientific menus for our babies.

Birthday party

Monthly birthday party for babies, bornduring the same month, is held in our centre. Parties include fun activities,singing the Happy Birthday song, fun games, gift exchanging, birthday photostaking, blowing candles and eating the birthday cake.

Fun Parties

We will have special activities on Chinesetraditional festivals like Tree Planting Day, as well as western festivals,like Easter, Holloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Temperamental Evaluation

Free temperamental evaluation for kids fromone to three years old.

Internal Magazine

In KindyROO China , our own internal magazine 'QiBu', which was established in January 2011, together with English versionmagazine 'First step', is dedicated to pass on the best parenting knowledge.

Core Course Introduction

Recommended- Neurological courses

★Caterpillars – 6 weeks to 8months
Our inborn reflexes encourage us to begin learning way before birth. Continuethe leaning and development by stimulating your baby's sensory pathways withmassage, exercise, strength activities and circuit introduction incorporatingrocking, rolling and spatial awareness activities. The class aims to helpparents to gain an understanding about special exercises and games, whichencourage balance and body awareness. There is so much that a new born baby cando and will enjoy doing, learn to pick up on your baby's cues and let the funbegin.

★Turtles –mobile to cruisers
Crawling/creeping and inquisitive – into everything! Let's encourage thiscuriosity with exercises and activities that encourage time and space concepts,body awareness and games to stimulate had foot and eye co-ordination. Auditoryand visual stimulation encourage language development and parachute activitieswith a unique difference!

★Penguins – walking to 18 months
Tottering and toddling,creeping and cruising! We will promote balance and spatial awareness andintroduce hand and finger plays to build on language development. Our exercisesand dance will introduce sequencing and directionality. Massage time willdevelop and understanding of sensation and how it related to body awareness. Wecan enjoy a challenging circuit with lots of activities encouraging weighttransfer and balance for these upwardly mobile toddlers!

★Monkeys – 18 months to 2.5 years
Now we are walkingconfidently and are learning about "our place in space". A range of Conceptwords with sensorial application help to understand the true meaning of wordsand their relationship to vocabulary. We incorporate a circuit with some earlymotor planning challenge. Movement experience will encourage the pure delightin moving our bodies to the beat.

★Kangaroos – 2 to 3 years
Bounding everywhere! Thisclass involves specific concepts with a term theme. Singing dancing andrhythmical activities encourage sequential development – a very importantfoundation for later reading skills and mathematics. Imagination, visualizationand confidence in co-ordination are highlighted with our GymbaROO treasure bagand sensational parachute games. A challenging class for the mind and body ofthese accomplished cruisers yet still sensitive to the needs of two years old.

★Rabbit – 3 – 4 years
Promote children's sensoryintegration and laterality perception. Children who areshort of such abilities can practice more by crossing their limbs. Inthis age group, children can be without assistance of parents to makeachievement of whole procedure in class. They try to use their body freely andsmoothly, practice muscle strength, learn how to play actions in terms of musicrhythm. Moreover, children also learn about "team spirit" through practice ofline-up orderly and follow the play of instructor's.

★Lion – above 4 years
Children receiveinformation primarily through the visual, auditory, tactile, and balancingmechanisms within the brain. All conscious and controlled movement depends onone's ability to interpret this sensory input correctly. Children learn tofollow instructions, work in a team as part of a group, problem solve. Visualizationtechnique helps to develop memory recall.

Featured Course Introduction

Music aroundthe world
In this class, the children will be exposed to music from all around the world,from countries such as India,Japan, Thailand, Spain, etc., and some Chineseminority folk music. We will introduce where did the music come from, as wellas all kinds of music instruments and folk dance. Music combines movements,dance and language together. Music is a kind of an art and we want to enhancethe artist within your children. This class can help your child to develop hiscreativity, imagination, their sense of being together with other kids and co-operate with them, emotionalintelligence. This class is suitable for kids aged 22 months to 5 years old.

Art and Crafts
The Art and Crafts class is designed to enable your children to practice theirfine motor, imaginative and learning skills through craft's work. Each class wechose a craft project which suits the children age and during the class theylearn about colors, different materials and also develop their imagination andcreativity. It's great fun!

Travel to colorful and exciting Reader Rabbit Lands full of fun puzzles,animated stories and clickable surprises. Children will learn that reading,thinking and writing are the keys to a world of imagination and adventure.Travel and learn with friends! We set up the program by pre-K/K1/K2/K3 four levels.We particularly design the appropriate software and activities for children indifferent age groups on practicing of sound awareness, limbs movement, skillsof music and logic on mathematic etc., so that improving the ability oflearning and the non-intelligent factors. Lesson themes and teaching plans areupdated and adjusted regularly. The series CDs are also available for learningand reviewing at home.

Listen and move. Play andgrow. This is Kindermusik, the most trusted music and movement program forinfants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. It is about kids, parents,and teachers—coming together and having a great time and helping you growcloser to your child. Our program is based on research demonstrating thebenefits of music at each stage of a child's development. We start from whereyou child is, regardless of his age, and provide activities that stimulate hismind, body, and sense of play. Enriching her environment and her development,and giving him a lifelong love of music and a foundation for learning. We stronglybelieve that you are your children's most important teacher. Kindermusik willprovide you great skills to continue the experience at home.

Add: 3008C, 3rd floor, Dynacity, Dongshengrd., Dongcheng, Dongguan

Tel: 0769-89950018 ext. 117

http:// www.kindyroo.com

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